Comprehensive engineering designs and 3D models as per local rules and regulations before the building process​

44 Construction is one of the top 10 Architectural Design and Consulting Companies based in Accra, Ghana. We provide comprehensive architecture & engineering designs and 3D Models for Residential & Commercial projects.

As one of the best Architectural Engineering Companies in Ghana, we help you build your purchased land from scratch by helping you with architectural & engineering design services from construction to MEP, HVAC, Interior Design & finishing to the complete ready project.

Our architectural designs are designed by the top architects in Ghana, preeminently, adding an enthralling and stunning look to the city’s architectural beauty.

Being one of the leading Architectural Design and Consulting Service Providers based in Accra, Ghana, we respect all customs, traditions, tastes, and preferences of foreign countries.

If you are a non-resident of Ghana looking to get Architecture Design Consulting Services for your Commercial or Residential Projects, we will provide you with commercial and residential architecture designs and 3D Models according to your customs, traditions, culture, tastes, and preferences.

Our Architectural Team

No architectural masterpiece or project is completed or even half achieved without a team’s efforts, dedication, and support. At 44 Construction, we have the best Architectural Design Team in Ghana. We have the most dexterous and competent architects in Ghana. Our team understands client needs and designs and makes 3D models accordingly. Our team consists of the following:

  • Architectural Drafters
  • 2D Engineering Drawings Drafters
  • 3D CAD Drawings Drafters
  • 2D & 3D Modelers
  • CAD Draftsman and Architects

Our team is well-equipped with immense experience & knowledge of building construction & architectural design of all sizes projects. Our Architectural Drafters are well-versed with AutoCAD and Revit for transforming drawings, blueprints, plans, & PDF files into a native format for clear understanding and references.

Being one of the best architectural design and drafting companies in Accra, Ghana, we provide a vast range of drafting services that include CAD Conversion Services, 3D CAD drawing, 2D Engineering drawings, 2D & 3D Models, and more based on your project requirements.

Kumasi Housing Project
The Octagon HVAC SYS
Tse-Addo Building Project

Why Choose US?

Choosing Architectural Companies in Ghana is challenging, but with 44 Construction, it is plain sailing to decide for choosing us. We have the top 4 reasons why you should choose us for your Commercial & Residential project’s Architecture Design Services.

Finding an Architecture Design & Consulting Company in Ghana with the best architectural design team is often cost-consuming and expensive. To get premium and top-notch service, we have to pay more.

But with 44 Construction, it is the opposite. Being one of the top Architecture Companies in Ghana, we provide the premier and outstanding Architectural Design Services in Accra, Ghana, at the most affordable pricing so you can turn your dreams and vision into reality. Hire us for your project and get access to the best Architects in Ghana at competitive pricing.

Once you have found and hired an Architecture Company in Ghana with the best team at reasonable pricing, getting 2D & 3D Drawings at competitive pricing becomes challenging.

With 44 Construction, you will get the best architecture design team in Ghana and sublime 2D & 3D Drawings drafted and given detailing in the most advanced AUTOCAD drafting tools and software.

Our Architecture team will make designs, drawings, and models meticulously according to the property size to give every room space accurate and precise measurements for the interior and exterior.

E.g., if you are constructing a retail showroom in Accra, Ghana, our architecture team will provide you with comprehensive Commercial Building Architecture that will include making the designs, drawings, and models at accurate and precise measurements so that all the required furniture (shelves) will fit perfectly into the space.

Being one of the top Architecture Design Consulting Companies in Accra, Ghana, we believe in Green building practices and integrate that into our architectural designs and work. 44 Construction emphasis has been Sustainable architecture, and we focus on constructing & building environment-friendly construction in Ghana.

Through Sustainable Architecture, we strive to reduce the detrimental and adverse effects on the environment due to construction. Our Architecture team ensures that all the projects are designed on Sustainable Architecture by including energy-efficient systems like solar or wind power, including water harvesting systems for water saving.

44 Construction is one of the best Architectural Design Companies in Accra, Ghana. We have incorporated advanced technology in our architectural plan for Residential Buildings and all Commercial Projects, which are designed according to the 21st century (contemporary style) Architectural design services.

E.g., we will install modern-day systems for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, heat, ventilation, solar, and air-conditioning for your project to ensure it is constructed according to futuristic designs and systems, and you don’t have to remodel it after every 5-7 years.

Let’s convert your vision into 3D designs with our bespoke Architectural Design Services.

Contact us for a free project Architecture Design Project Consultation by filling out the form, and one of our sales representatives will get in touch with you.

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